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Introducing Same-day Laser Cheque Service

Datagraphic is proud to be the first print solution provider in Nova Scotia to offer laser cheque printing, an innovative way to print quality cheques quickly and efficiently.

Need a thousand cheques by the end of the afternoon? No problem, Datagraphic can have them for you in an hour! Using our own specially developed software, we can print bank-approved cheques on any of our standard cheque stock and have them delivered right to your door. It's less expensive and the quality often exceeds that of press printed cheques thanks to laser technology.

Our laser printed cheques adhere to the new CPA cheque standards.

Please see our Laser Cheques page for further details.

New Canadian Payment Association (CPA) Cheque Standards

The Canadian Payment Association (CPA) has recently introduced new cheque standards which are to be implemented by July 2007. These new standards, which allow for standardized digital imaging of cheques, will affect all personal and business cheques processed by any financial institution. Therefore, we strongly recommend all new cheque orders adhere to the new standards so that in a year and a half's time, your cheques will still be accepted by your financial institution.

The new cheque standards affect the layout, dimensions, colours and positioning of objects on cheques, as well as specifying printing of key fields on the backs of cheques.

Please follow this link for more information on how this change effects your future cheque orders, as well as your business practices.

A Little About Us...

With over 30 years experience in the industry and led by the founder of Nova Scotia's premier forms manufacturer, Datagraphic is your best choice for most business printing requirements. We've been through all the industry trends, fads and developments, and we know what you need, even if you don't. From cheques to labels, statements to purchase orders, we do it all.

So talk to us...we'll help you get what you want, guaranteed.

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For your convenience, we accept American Express, Mastercard, cheque and cash.


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