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Cheque Offerings

As a leader in business cheque printing in the Maritimes, we have become cheque specialists. Offering the best in quality, security and customization, it's hard to imagine why any business would go elsewhere. From your local mom-and-pop shop to the largest organizations in Atlantic Canada, our customers' needs are as varied as their sizes, yet we manage to satisfy all.

         We offer a full range of personal and business cheques, although we specialize in laser and continuous business cheques. Whether you use AccPac, MYOB, Business Visions or another accounting package, we have the flexibility to meet your needs.We even do US cheques, cheque books and manual cheques.

         We would love to help you with your cheque requirements, so please call or email us for a quote, or better yet, use our simple online quote request form.

New Cheque Standards

The Canadian Payment Association (CPA) has recently released new specifications for the design of both personal and business cheque. These standards will be required as of January 1st, 2007, just over one year away. Therefore any cheque order that will last you longer than one year needs to be compliant, or your cheques will be rejected by your bank come 2007. To educate yourself, please see our page covering the changes on new CPA cheque standards.

A Note on Security

Over the years, security has become a growing concern with cheques as fraud occurs on a more frequent basis. We offer a vast range of secuity features to protect your business from theft and fraud. For your convenience and protection, we have a page on security covering recommendations on adding security features to your cheque order.

Available Security
Paper Features:

  • DocuCheck Watermark®
  • Visible Fibers
  • Invisible Fluorescent Fibers
  • Chemical-Reactant Stains
  • TonerFuse® Coating
  • Chemical VOID
  • Cross-Hatch Pattern
  • GhostMark™ on Back

Available Security
Printing Features:

  • Microline Printing
  • Warning Bands
  • Copy-Resistent Pantographs
  • Bleed-Through Numbering
  • Thermo-chromatic Ink
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