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New Canadian Payment Association (CPA) Cheque Standards

The Canadian Payment Association (CPA) has recently introduced new cheque standards which are to be implemented by January 2007. These new standards, which allow for standardized digital imaging of cheques, will affect all personal and business cheques processed by financial institutions. Therefore, we strongly recommend all new cheque orders adhere to the new standards so that by the end of 2006, just one year away, your cheques will still be accepted by your financial institution.

The new cheque standards affect the layout, dimensions, colours and positioning of objects on cheques, as well as specifying printing of key fields on the backs of cheques. This not only affects how we print your cheques, but also how you fill them out.

Please refer to the samples on your right to see the layout of the new cheques and the guidelines for how to fill them out.

More detailed information on the new CPA standards can be found at the CPA website -

The Royal Bank has posted this page detailing the new cheque standard requirements.

Sample of Front of Cheque:

Sample Back of Cheque:

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