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Cheque and Document Security

Security has become a growing concern as cheque fraud occurs more frequently. Criminals, be it small-time or organized, often focus on cheque thievery because cheques with little-to-no security features are so easy to duplicate and forge. Also, as technologies become more sophisticated, so does criminal methodology.

          Having your cheques printed on the highest security paper with security printing techniques, is the single greatest insurance you can have to protect your capital. The minimal added cost of adding security to your cheques greatly offsets the high risk and cost of leaving yourself unprotected. High security cheques deter criminals by preventing duplication and alteration, as well as adding authenticity and prestige.

          Cheques are not the only document using security methodology. Official receipts, licenses, certificates and contracts also benefit from higher security features. Please see the table below for security paper details and the list to the right for security printing options.

DocuCheck® Paper Security Feature Good Security Better Security Best Security
GhostMark™ on Back
Visible at an angle; impossible to replicate;
Cross-Hatch Pattern
Difficult to alter by cutting and pasting. Fades out when chemicals applied.
Chemical VOID
VOID appears when chemicals applied.
TonerFuse® Coating
Locks ink to paper; prevents alteration of data.
Chemical-Reactant Stains
Stains appear when chemicals added.
3 stains 3 stains 5 stains
Invisible Fluorescent Fibers
Fibers can be seen under ultravoilet light; cannot be scanned or photocopy replicated.
Visible Fibers
Random fibers make alteration difficult; helps authentication.
DocuCheck Watermark®
Seen when held to light; resists scanning and photocopying. Highest security level. Adds prestige and helps authentication.

Available Security Printing Options: Added Cost
Microline Printing
Tiny printing that computer printers cannot produce.
Warning Bands
Printing on a cheque that warns of security features; deters criminals and demands authentication.
Copy-Resistent Pantographs
Printing technique that displays VOID if the document is copied or scanned.
Bleed-Through Numbering
Numbering inks that sink into the paper eliminate alteration.
Thermo-chromatic Ink Ink disappears when heated by a photocopier or scanner. Minimal
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